Outsourced Product development



Transformation of a great innovative idea into a profitable product is challenging. YODA Coders work with companies from ground up level to find the optimal solution to develop best quality software, quick and on budget. YODA CODERS takes care all stages of the developing process from Research and Planning, prototypes, MVP, to testing, maintenance and support.



Custom Application Development


We offer a full­cycle application development from requirements elicitation to product design and development, quality assurance testing, deployment as well as further maintenance. A team of professional IT experts assists in choosing the most appropriate solution in accordance with Customer's needs.

Successfully implementing number of projects worldwide our team members acquired unique expertise in following industries:

  • E­Commerce
  • B2B, B2C
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Banking, Finances and Payment processing

YODA CODERS expert team helps you consider all the technologies and platforms to choose the most appropriate for your project aims, size and budget solution. We always work close to the Customer to reveal all the requirements and needs, including technology preferences.



Mobile Application Development


Our developers create mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows and cross­platform. We also love building for new tech like IOT and wearables.

IOS Apps – From IPhone to IPad and Apple Watch – We built a tons of apps. We have archived a success with our IOS app in almost every industry. We are also experienced in Swift, and have the best team in C and Objective­C coders.

Android Apps – From Gingerbread to Lollipop, simple phones to custom devices – We have done it!



​Software Testing Services


YODA CODERS o​ffers diverse pack of software testing services for projects with all levels of complexity. We join a well­developed QA process with state­of­the­art tools and methodology to fulfill the most challenging projects.

Functional testing

YODA CODERS team validates and verifies if the software meets all requirements and works as expected.

Performance testing

YODA CODERS team tests software performance to ensure its reliable work on each stage of the development life­cycle under normal load, at peak periods and in stress conditions.

Localization testing

YODA CODERS localization testing team ensures that the software “speaks” a language of target customers, conforms to the local cultural, linguistic and regulatory peculiarities.

Automated testing

YODA CODERS employs the leading testing tools and the best practices to automate your functional, regression and performance testing processes.

Mobile testing

YODA CODERS tests your software on the existing mobile handsets or prototypes. We have strong experience in testing iOS, Android, Windows Phone applications of various domains.



​Cloud and Remote infrastructure management


YODA CODERS helps enterprises with all aspects of their information delivery system, from desktops and remote access to the Enterprise Information Portals, and from the planning and design process of your IT infrastructure to everyday maintenance.

  • Expertise in building critical infrastructure solutions based on Microsoft desktop, business­management, and server technologies that can expand on your current system foundations.
  • Expertise in building critical infrastructure solutions based on Open Source.
  • Team of certified experts with extensive experience in implementing and managing large­scale IT infrastructures and clouds.
  • Profound experience in design, development and implementation of enterprise­level solutions proved by successful projects implementation and our customer’s feedback.
  • Wide technology stack.



​I​nformation Security Services


Proper data protection became extremely important in the increasingly interconnected business environment. Information is now incurred a growing number and a wider variety of vulnerabilities and threats. Therefore, Information Security became an integral part of every modern organization.


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